Tinydancer is the first light client for the Solana blockchain.
Getting Started

Getting Started


Build and add to path

cargo b -r && cp ./target/release/tinydancer ~/.local/bin/

Or install using cargo

cargo install --git https://github.com/tinydancer-io/tinydancer tinydancer

Run the node

Configure the client

To set the cluster in your config run:

tinydancer config set --cluster Localnet

To set the log file in your config run:

tinydancer config set --log-path client.log

Although setting the log file is not strictly necessary it defaults to the current directory and creates a file called client.log.

To see the config at any point run:

tinydancer config get

Start your node

The Node will start a local RPC server that acts as a relayer between the light client and the external RPC.

To start the node run:

tinydancer start <path_to_shred_archival>

<path_to_shred_archival> is the path to the shred archival db to store the sampled shreds. It is recommended to create a dir in /mnt or /tmp and use that.

Monitor logs for the client

To monitor the logs for the client run:

tinydancer logs

This will stream the logs to your terminal.

Verify a single slot from the CLI

You can get the latest slot by running:

tinydancer slot

To verify a single slot from the CLI run:

tinydancer verify --slot <slot_number>

This will verify the slot and print the result to the terminal.

If the slot is invalid it will print the error to the terminal.

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